1)  You will need a computer with a webcam and a microphone. Most computers today include both these items...but if not they can be added for not much money.

2)  You will need to create a SKYPE account. There is no charge for the account and no cost for the connection to another SKYPE user.

    - Go to www.skype.com   - Click "Downloads"

    - Create a Skype Account - Your Full Name

                                           - Your Skype Name

                                           - Email, etc.

                                           - Password

                                           - Press “CREATE”

                                          - You will see “Welcome To Skype”

                      Enter your Skype Name & Password - press “SIGN IN"

3)  PayPal Account...if interested (not required)...  https://www.paypal.com       

4)  Please contact me for more information   Email: [email protected]

5)  Send me your Skype Name. There will be no charge for the first visit...to get acquainted and  answer your questions.