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Ted Brown: Discography

Part 1: 1954 - 1975

I would like to thank my good friend Joop Van der Leij in Holland for his time and effort in compiling this discography over a period of many years.

When I finally got around to putting it on my web site Joop was especially helpful in converting it to a format that is compatible with online viewing and also dividing it into six parts because of space limitations. It was a lot of work and I really appreciate it.




TED >theodore< BROWN


tenor saxophone


Rochester, N.Y., December 1, 1927


Currently living in New York City.





Compositions by Ted Brown



Blimey                        Limehouse Blues

Dig It                          Blues- (24 bars in ¾ time)

Featherbed                  You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Jazz Of Two Cities        Play Fiddle Play

Little Quail                  I'll Remember April

Preservation                Tickletoe

Slippin’ And Slidin’        I Found A New Baby

Smog Eyes                   There Will Never Be Another You



Part 1


♦ 54-0300


'Apartment of Phyllis Terrazzano', March 1954.


Warne Marsh, ts; Ted Brown, ts; Phyllis Terrazzano, p; Ronnie Ball, p; Jean Nelson, b; Jeff Morton, d.


1    DONNA LEE                                    6:27


explanation by Ted Brown: "Phyllis comping behind me on 'Donna Lee'-then Ronnie slides in behind Warne and plays balance of tune"


2    I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS        8:08


"Phyllis comping behind me on 'See You In My Dreams'-then Ronnie slides in for his solo. Then Phyllis plays in back of me again. Ronnie takes another solo. Then trading 4's. Ronnie is on the right side of the bench playing melodies and Phyllis on left playing chords.


Note: Ted married Phyllis Terrazzano in August, 1956.


all    PR       Cassette received from Ted Brown (sept 1996.) (see also 57-0200)

all    CD       on private CD (together with 57-0200)


♦ 56-0321

RONNIE BALL QUINTET. "All About Ronnie".

Rudy Van Gelder's Home Studio, Hackensack, N.J., March 21, 1956.


Willie Dennis, tb; Ted Brown, ts; Ronnie Ball, p; Wendell Marshall, b; Kenny Clarke, d.


1    PENNIE PACKER             69170        5:34

2    FEATHERBED                  69171        5:03

3    LITTLE QUAIL                   69172        4:08

4    SWEET AND LOVELY      69173        5:09

5    PREZ SEZ                         69174        5:22

6    GHOST OF A CHANCE    69175        4:08

7    CITRUS SEASON             69176        7:41


all     R      Savoy MG-12075 : Savoy MGJ-12075 : Savoy SOPU-19SY

all    CD    Savoy SV-0174 (Timing -4 and -7 misprinted in reversed order) : Fresh Sound FSR-CD 570


♦ 56-1003+

WARNE MARSH QUINTET. "Jazz Of Two Cities".

'Radio Recorders', Los Angeles, CA., Oct.. 3 (IM-1159/62) & Oct. 11 1956.(Prod. Albert Marx).


Warne Marsh, Ted Brown, ts; Ronnie Ball, p; Ben Tucker, b; Jeff Morton, d.


1    QUINTESSENCE                            IM-1159 mono + stereo release         4:13

2    SMOG EYES                                   IM-1160 mono + stereo release         3:32

3a  LOVER MAN                                   no nb. alt. take, uniss.                            ?

3b  LOVER MAN                                   a.t 'out-take' stereo release                4:25

3c  LOVER MAN                                   IM-1161  composite, mono release    4:27

4a  EAR CONDITIONING                     no nb. alt. take, uniss.                             ?

4b  EAR CONDITIONING                     a.t. 'out-take' stereo release               5:12

4c  EAR CONDITIONING                     IM-1162  composite, mono release    5:15

5    DIXIE'S DILEMMA                          IM-1201        mono + stereo release   4:21

6a  JAZZ OF TWO CITIES                   IM-1202        mono release                 4:36

6b  JAZZ OF TWO CITIES                   a.t. 'out-take' stereo release                4:33

7a  I NEVER KNEW                             IM-1203         mono release                 5:04

7b  I NEVER KNEW                             a.t. 'out-take'  stereo release                5:00

8   THESE ARE THE THINGS I LOVE  IM-1204        mono + stereo release   3:58


Note-1: Ted Brown (Aug. 1993 / Nov. 2003):


In the recording studio 2 sets of equipment were running, resp. for mono and stereo recording. The "stereo set'" was not intended for release because of the very few home-stereo equipment in use, and was stored as such.

After recording alternate takes of (at least) 4 titles, the following was decided:


A: Marsh preferred his solo of "4a" ( Ear Cond., uniss.), and that part was spliced with "4b" resulting in "4c". (This "4c" becoming the 'original' mono release on : Imp LP-9027and its equivalents.).


B: Ball preferred his solo of "3a" (Lover Man, uniss.), and that part was spliced with "3b" resulting in composite "3c".( Also as forementioned for Imp LP-9027.).


C: The takes numbered IM-1202 (item "6a") and IM-1203 (item "7a"), were also chosen (unspliced) for the original mono release on Imp LP-9027 together with items 1,2,5,8.


D: The "stereo-set", containing the original stereo recordings of items 1,2,5,8, and the "out-takes" 3b, 4b, 6b, and 7b was issued later by Imperial as Imp (S)LP-12013.


E: The equivalent of this "stereo-set" (Imp (S)LP-12013) is released on CD in 1993 by Toshiba-EMI-Liberty numbered TOCJ-5444.


Note-2:  Matrix nrs. assigned by Imperial label. (Nb This numbering system gives the impression that the unissued a.t.'s were not numbered, and that IM-1161 and 1162 must belong to "3c" and '4c", the composites for the original mono release).


Note-3: Item -8 (These Are The Things I Love) also titled “Tchaikovsky's Opus 42, 3rd Movement”.


1,2,3c,4c,5,6a,7a,8              R     Blue Note BNP-25106 : Imperial. LP-9027 : Liberty LR-8055 : London P-15080

1,2,3b,4b,5,6b,7b,8             R     Imperial (S)LP-12013

1,2,3b,4b,5,6b,7b,8             CD   Liberty TOCJ-5444

1,2,3b,4b,5,6a,6b,7a,7b,8   CD   Fresh Sound FSR-CD 342 (2 CD's) / tracks 13 & 14 are 6a and 7a

all except 3a&4a (uniss.)     CD   Capitol CDP 7243 8 52771

1,4b                                     CD   Fresh Sound FSR-CD 570


♦ 56-1024


‘Radio Recorders', Hollywood, CA., October 24, 1956.


Warne Marsh, Ted Brown, ts; Ronnie Ball, p; Ben Tucker, b; Jeff Morton, d.


1    BEN BLEW                                                                                 3:40

2    TIME'S UP                (mistitled "UP TEMPO" on Dis DS-945)    3:09

3    EARFUL                   (mistitled "DECISIONS" on Dis DS-945)    4:37

4    BLACK JACK           (mistitled    "CASINO"   on Dis DS-945)     3:17


all           R     Kapp KX-L 5001 'Modern Jazz Gallery' : Fresh Sound Records KXL-5001 (252282-1Kapp)

1,2          R     London LTZ-R 15083

3,4          R     London LTZ-R 15084

all          CD    Fresh Sound FSR-CD 342 (2 CD’s)

2-4         CD    Discovery DS-945 'Warne Marsh Groups: 'Noteworthy''

2,3         CD    Fresh Sound FSR-CD 570


♦ 56-1221

TED BROWN SEXTET: "Free Wheeling".

Los Angeles, December 21, 1956. (Producer: Albert Marx).


Art Pepper, as (1,2,4,5,8,9); Ted Brown, Warne Marsh, ts; Ronnie Ball, p; Ben Tucker, b; Jeff Morton, d;


1    ARETHA                                            4:57

2    LONG GONE                                      4:48

3    ONCE WE WERE YOUNG                3:48

4    FOOLIN' MYSELF                              4:33

5    AVALON                                             3:04

6    ON A SLOW BOAT TO CHINA          5:17

7    CRAZY SHE CALLS ME                     4:17

8    BROADWAY                                       6:00

9    ARRIVAL                                             3:48


all         R      Vanguard VRS-8515 : Vanguard SR(M)-3146 : Vanguard LAX-3075(m) : Vanguard GXC-3121 : Vanguard K20P-6183 : Vanguard VSD-23049

all        CD    Vanguard 662.089 : Vanguard K32Y-6090 : Lone Hill Jazz LHJ-10236 : Fresh Sound FSR-CD 342

1,9       CD    Fresh Sound FSR-CD 570


♦ 57-0200


'Modern Jazz Room', (Whistling's), Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA., februari 1957.


Warne Marsh, ts; Ted Brown, ts; Ronnie Ball, p; Ben Tucker, b; Jeff Morton, d.


1    ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE                           8:27

2    THE BEST THING FOR YOU IS ME                6:02

3    AU PRIVAVE                                                    6:01

4    FEATHERBED                                                 5:41

5    LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME                                6:52

6    EASY TO LOVE                                               6:43

7    OOPS!                                                              6:04

8    MEMORIES OF YOU                                       5:08

9    SMOG EYES                                                    5:41

10  OUT OF NOWHERE / 317 EAST 32ND ST.    4:56


Note: In "Disco Warne Marsh" of Michael Frohne 'Limehouse Blues' is listed and 'Love Me Or Leave Me' is not mentioned. Moreover he gives 'Donna Lee' and 'I'll See You In My Dreams' as belonging to this session. However those 2 titles are from March 1954. (See 54-0300). Although the sequence of the tunes on Ted Brown's tape differs slightly from Frohne's listing, both tapes end with the 2 titles of 54-0300. Maybe they stem from the same source and 'Limehouse Blues' is mistitled.


all        CD       Marshmallow MMEX-148-CD

all        PT       Cassette received from Ted Brown (sept. 1996)

all        CD       private CD made from this cassette (incl. 54-0300)


♦ 57-0311

WARNE MARSH QUINTET, part of ABC-TV broadcast recordings.

'KABC Television Studios, Los Angeles, CA., March 11, 1957.


1-3, 6: Warne Marsh, Ted Brown, ts; Ronnie Ball, p; Ben Tucker, b; Jeff Morton, d.

4, 5: Ann Richards, vcl, acc. by Eddie Beal, p; unknown bass & drums


1    Au Privave                                                  1:08

2    Ad Libido                                                     2:43

3    These Are The Things I Love                4:36

4    You Took Advantage Of Me                 1:44

5    Softly                                                         2:30

6    Background Music                                 3:16

7    BOP GOES THE LEESEL                              2:29


Note: Part of series "Stars of Jazz" hosted by Bobby Troup.

Note: Ad Libido not the same as on 57-0900B; Titles 3 and 6 include a simulation of a recording session


all            TV BR              PT

1-3, 6, 7   CD                   Fresh Sound FSR-CD 342 (2CD’s) omits recording session simulation.


♦ 59-0512+


NYC, May 12 & 13, 1959.


Lee Konitz, Hal McKusick, as; Warne Marsh, Ted Brown, ts; Jimmy Giuffre, bars; Bill Evans, p; Buddy Clark, b; Ronnie Free, d.


1    MOONLIGHT IN VERMONT                    22829-2        3:59

2    THE SONG IS YOU                                 22830-10      5:05

3    SOMP'N OUTA' NOTHIN'                        22831-11      4:29

4    UNCHARTED                                          22832-31      3:55

5    SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME         22833-33      3:36

6    PALO ALTO                                             22834-22      3:08

7    WHEN YOUR LOVER HAS GONE          22835-35      5:02

8    CORK 'N' BIB                                           22836-24      9:50

9    DARN THAT DREAM                               22837-28      1:58


all             R      Verve 2304.381 : Verve MGV-8335 : Verve MGVS-6073 : Verve V/V6-8335 : Verve 23MJ-3172

all            CD     Lone Hill Jazz LHJ-10193 : Verve 527.780

3,5,6,9     R       HMV 7EG-8566

4,6           R      Jazzbox JLEP-136

2             CD     GoJ CD-53182


♦ 75-1005


'The Someday Lounge', Merrick, Long Island, NY, October 5, 1975.


Sy Platt (11-13), tp; Lennie Popkin (5-7), ts; Ted Brown (7,8,10-12), ts; Warne Marsh, ts; Billy Lester (9), p; Larry Meyer, g; Joe Solomon, b; Roger Mancuso, d.


1    LESTER LEAPS IN                                                                                6:17

2    STAR EYES                                                                                    inc. 4:30

3    FINE AND DANDY                                                                          inc. 5:42

4    DON'T BLAME ME                                                                                 5:25

5    DONNA LEE                                  solo order Popkin-Marsh                 7:45

6    ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE         solo order Marsh-Popkin                 9:05

7    FEATHERBED                               solo order Brown-Marsh-Popkin      9:20

8    BACKGROUND MUSIC                 solo order Brown-Marsh                  7:20

9    ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE                                                           inc. 8:10

10  SMOG EYES                                  solo order Brown-Marsh                  6:50

11  317 EAST, 32nd STREET               solo order Platt-Brown-Marsh        13:10

12  LENNIE'S PENNIES                       solo order Brown-Platt- Marsh      10:30

13  THESE FOOLISH THINGS                                                              inc. 8:40

14  SUBCONSCIOUS-LEE                                                                           9:58

15  IT'S YOU OR NO ONE                                                                            7:20

16  APRIL                                                                                                      8:25


Note: Recorded by Harold Sewing.


all      PT             2 & 5 from cassette Ted Brown (feb. 2004); others from cassette George Coppens

1-8     minidisc    MD-57 (Joop van der Leij)

9-16   minidisc    MD-58 (Joop van der Leij)


End of part 1